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The negative effects of technology in the development of your child

The negative effects of technology in the development of your child

Technology is everywhere, literally. From mobile phones to teaching aids, technology is now interlaced with everyday living and has made several things quicker and more convenient for us. However, as with most things, technology has its own fair share of negative effects if used inappropriately. Children are also surrounded by technology today than ever before but this could also have serious consequences in their lives which we may not be aware of. In this article, we take a look at a few negative effects of technology in the development of your child:


It slows down the brain

Children seriously lack exercise since they spend most their time on their gadgets. This lack of exercise can affect their mental and physical health while also slowing down their development. Moreover, extreme use of technology can cause children to become dyslexic whereby their brains are unable to grasp things quickly enough.


Increases the risk of cancer

Computer screen and mobile devices emit radiation that could increase the risk of cancer, particularly in younger children. This is why the American Society of Cancer discourages the use of technology for children as it could make them susceptible to adverse health conditions.


Delays cognitive development

Prolonged use of technology can adversely affect the cognitive development of children, particular in kids between the ages 2 and 3. This is the stage where children develop and learn visual, spatial and motor skills and overuse of technology can hinder that.


Causes eye strain

Children nowadays complain a lot about eye problems and this is more often than not due to sitting before a television for hours on end. TV and mobile screens emit radioactive rays can are harmful for eyes that are still developing. Moreover, this eye strain could lead to focus issues, blurry vision and eye fatigue which could be potentially dangerous.


Hinders social skills and relationships

As kids get more addicted to technology, they start lessening the time they spend with their family and friends. In fact, they will feel more comfortable in being virtually connected through technology rather than actually meeting them in person and this could weaken the bonds between the family and friends.


It affects their mental well-being

One impact of technology is that is causes a rapid decline in the quality and quantity of sleep. This in turn can affect your child’s general state, even leading to stress, dramatic mood swings and depression in some cases.


While there are plenty of adverse effects, technology isn’t all bad. If used in moderation, it comes with a plenty of benefits but overexposure to it can have serious consequences. To lessen the effect of this, parents should encourage children to try out other ways of keeping themselves entertained. This could be in the form of educational toys, reading books, outdoor activities, games, arts and crafts, which can be enjoyable and healthy for your child at the same time. Parents should also be keen about monitoring the technology use of their children and make sure that they are not using it any more than they need to. And finally, parents should set an example on their kids by not being addicted to technology themselves. These are small adjustments that can bring a better change in your child.

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