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Why is child psychology so important to understand

Understanding your child as they grow and develop is one of the most rewarding aspects of parenthood. Teaching them new skills, learning their perspective on the world, and guiding them through new emotions and changes are all integral parts of parenting, though not always easy.

Children progress through continuous developmental stages from birth to adulthood, influenced by environmental, cultural, and genetic factors. During this process, children often struggle to articulate their experiences and emotions,

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Quick ways to help your child control their mobile phone addiction

The world we live in now is vastly different from the times we enjoyed as kids. It’s highly digitalized, where even a one-year-old can easily access an iPhone without assistance. Kids nowadays are more addicted to playing games on any device they can get their hands on, whether iPods, iPhones, iPads, or numerous other devices. The constant nagging of kids asking for mobile phones drives most parents to the edge of desperation.

It’s not just kids who are addicted to mobile phones now;

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Why digital addiction in kids is a real danger

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a surge in what can be termed ‘digital addiction’ among our children, transforming them into screen junkies with a ‘digital heroin’ tech dependency. While the term may seem extreme, it’s a concern parents should seriously consider. Are our kids truly addicted to screens?

Dr. Kimberly Young’s study on “Internet Addiction” suggests that 18 percent of college-age internet users in the US suffer from tech or digital addiction. But what exactly constitutes this digital addiction?

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How much screen time is too much time for kids?

Parents in today’s digital world often complain of their kids’ battle over screen time and TV addiction. Be it children as young as three year olds throwing unending tantrums when the mobile phone is snatched away from them, eight year olds watching YouTube all through the night, and nine year olds demanding their own phones, this TV and mobile addiction is apparent at every stage of childhood and adolescence.


This brings up the questions –

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Ten Montessori teaching principles for natural learning

The Montessori Theory is an approach to learning developed by Maria Montessori where the main principles are Independence, Observation, Following the Child, Correcting the Child, Prepared Environment and Absorbent Mind. Listed below are our top Montessori principles that can be used whether or not you have the traditional Montessori materials. The principles given below are relevant for any preschooler and they fit with natural learning because they meet the natural needs of young kids without requiring a specific material:

1- Follow the child

This is perhaps the most important teaching principle for any age.

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The negative effects of technology in the development of your child

Technology is everywhere, literally. From mobile phones to teaching aids, technology is now interlaced with everyday living and has made several things quicker and more convenient for us. However, as with most things, technology has its own fair share of negative effects if used inappropriately. Children are also surrounded by technology today than ever before but this could also have serious consequences in their lives which we may not be aware of.

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5 ways to motivate kids to enjoy reading

We’ve heard this a gazillion times but nothing is as fundamental to your child’s education as learning to read is. Two decades ago, parents and teachers didn’t find it as challenging as is it today to instill and encourage the love for reading in children. But with the turn of the new millennium that brought about technology, smartphones, and games, reading is a skill a lot of children struggle with, causing them to regress in their education.

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Fun and therapeutic activities for children with autism

Autism is becoming a common neurological condition that can affect brain development. Due to this, children diagnosed with autism tend to have difficulties in socializing, communicating and responding to the environment around them. As we all know, a play is, definitely, the very best way to encourage your child to learn, explore and interact with the world around them and it’s no different for an autistic child. In fact, there are plenty of fun and therapeutic activities that can help increase an autistic child’s social skills and strengthen the bond between them and the environment around.

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5 Secrets to Being a Great Special Education Teacher

After the parents, teachers are the cornerstone of a child’s development. We all know how noble a job teaching is and the difficulties and challenges involved in this profession is hard to ignore. In addition to instilling learning capabilities and paving the way for a better education, teachers offer inspiration and motivation for a child to achieve success outside the classroom as well. However, when it comes to children with special needs,

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