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Teaching aids and childhood development materials

With a comprehensive range of pedagogy and kids development products including math toys, stacking toys, activity toys and multiplication boards, Edu Toys help parents and teachers establish an active learning background for the children. We provide a full range of superior quality, child-friendly and suitable childhood development materials. Together, we make overall early learning and teaching process efficient and fun. By doing so, you can accomplish the fundamental “C” leaning skills of current education system encompassing communication, creativity, character building, critical thinking and cooperation.

Every child is different and has diverse brain advancement. Some children might catch-up things easily while some needs more attention and guidance. During this situation, you will have to practice different teaching techniques and keep in mind that not the same teaching aids will work for every early earner. By identifying the best teaching material for each child, you can easily accomplish the task. Our teaching tools are made to improve kid’s learning skills with easy and clear concepts. Moreover, we have teaching aids for different purposes, in different shapes and for multiple uses while building stress-free learning and teaching atmosphere for children.

For better learning, our activity-based childhood development materials are a must include in your school and house. When a child occupies in activity-based learning, they are likely to develop self-learning and allow the child to learn according to their competency. It supports them to learn from hands-on experience while not restricting to book learning. By providing the opportunity to discover on their own, you are helping the child to explore independently by creating joyful and enduring learning ideas.

It is never too late, simply step into our shop or order online and get delivered to your doorstep. Whether you are in Sri Lanka or any other country, we can deliver any product you are willing to purchase with us.

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