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Montessori & Early Learning Materials

Montessori and early learning materials

Transform your toddler’s play area and classroom into an atmosphere that arouses creativity by frolicking and learning with early learning materials and pre-school supplies. We have hands-on learning tools to foster flexible learning and playing activities, from sandpaper alphabets to Montessori sandpaper numbers for enhancing your kid’s gross motor development and stimulating active play. If you are raising a pre-schooler, you may have noticed them forming words using movable letters, stacking blocks, sorting objects and fixing puzzles. Have you ever wondered how they perform those tasks? The pedagogical supplies have a unique feature called “control of error”, meaning that the child not only manipulates the object but learning to fix the errors by own without seeking any help from others.

By means, your child can determine whether the exercise is done correctly. These resources can be used at the classroom and playroom to support your children develop and polish their five senses including vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Use of these Montessori materials benefits your child continues to the next level of difficulty and identifies problem-solving techniques they would face in real life. Although it might seem like they are just playing games with their playmate, your kids are gradually learning step by step and moving forward to the next level of complexity.

With our early learning Montessori materials, children can engage in different activities like exploring new objects and working on quantities. It creates a substantial understanding of the numbers, structures that will store in their mind throughout school and practical life. These learning materials are resourcefully crafted to let kids work independently with very little instructions by empowering them to face the real environment, make decisions and increase their self-confidence. Browse our nursery supplies and occupy them in your nursery and home to build an enhanced learning environment integrated with joyful exercises.

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