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Why digital addiction in kids is a real danger

In recent years, we have seen an upsurge in what can be termed as ‘digital addiction’ in our kids, turning them into screen junkies with a ‘digital heroin’ tech addiction. It does seem extreme to use that term but it is definitely something we as parents should give some thought to. Are kids addicted, in the truest sense, to screens?

In her study of “Internet Addiction”, Dr Kimberly Young suggests that 18 percent of college-age internet users in the US alone suffer from tech or digital addiction.

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The negative effects of technology in the development of your child

Technology is everywhere, literally. From mobile phones to teaching aids, technology is now interlaced with everyday living and has made several things quicker and more convenient for us. However, as with most things, technology has its own fair share of negative effects if used inappropriately. Children are also surrounded by technology today than ever before but this could also have serious consequences in their lives which we may not be aware of.

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