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As kids, we loved toys and well into our adulthood, our obsession hasn’t stopped – but this time, we’re focusing on providing kids with the best educational toys out there. Our store is run by an AMI-trained Directress who is endlessly inspired by Maria Montessori’s revolutionary concept of education through play. We understand the importance of providing the ideal environment and learning materials and we go out of the way to carefully handpick the best educational toys that support learning across different age levels.

“Play is the work of a child” and this is something we truly take to heart. This is why we are dedicated to providing children with high quality educational toys that are designed for imaginative and active play. We focus on products that promote creativity, enhance coordination, improves social relationships and sets the foundation for them to grow into productive, imaginative and wonderful kids.

Welcome to our online toy store and we invite you to once again, step into your childhood in the shoes of a parent. We look forward to sharing our little store with the big world out there and connect children and families through fun and educational toys.


During my period of training as a Montessori Directress, I was lucky enough to observe and understand many of Dr. Maria Montessori’s methods, applications and conclusions, one of this is that “The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence”.

This quote stuck through and I realized that this ‘hands-on learning’ literally lies at the heart of Montessori education. This naturally got me thinking hard about the importance of giving those little hands the tools to construct their creativity and intelligence. These tools can be found anywhere – from educational toys to materials found in the environment – but the bottom line is that these tools help a child to form his/her intelligence and shape their future so they would grow into an independent person.

Studying deeper about early childhood education also taught me that we should help children to do things by themselves, just as Dr. Montessori stressed. And is there any better way to this other than by giving kids fun and creative educational toys that will keep their minds engaged?

At Edutoys, we are all about celebrating the natural creativity and curiosity of kids. We want to make it easy, fun, and memorable for kids to spend time building, learning, exploring, and creating their own chaotic and imaginative world with the help of quality educational toys.


And at Edutoys, our promise is simple: We offer a unique toy-buying experience where our customers can always rely on integrity and honesty because as parents ourselves, we understand that you want nothing but the best for your little child. And we offer just that.

Our carefully selected range of handpicked and affordable educational toys are crafted out of child-friendly materials and are suitable for different stages of growth and development and can even be used for special needs education.

With extensive AMI experience, we believe that play is far more powerful than we think. It motivates, teaches, inspires and brings joy to everyone and it is our belief that choosing the right educational toys can impact a child’s development in numerous ways. Therefore, we are determined to help you through the process of inspiring young minds and nurturing future artists, engineers, scientists, and teachers of tomorrow through proactive play.

This is why we take a great deal of care in hand-picking the best educational toys whose designs are inspired by educational methodologies while being aesthetically beautiful as well.


Our mission is to support and enrich families and teachers by providing premium quality and unique educational toys that provide exciting and engaging learning experiences for kids as well as enhance instruction. Our range of versatile educational toys induces learning and play that help build foundational skills through imagination, exploration, and fun.

At Edutoys, our aim is to encourage a broad audience of kids of all ages to play as often as possible by offering exciting, innovative, and affordable educational toys. As toy experts, we provide a smarter and more engaging way to play by sparking curiosity in kids and inspiring creativity.

Our guiding principles are to provide kids with safe and quality toys and games that enhance education and development and to create a culture that revolves around “family first”. We understand that we are not just selling toys; rather we facilitate an emotional transaction between the giver and receiver.

At Edutoys, our mission is to make kids happy by playing anywhere and at any time.


At Edutoys, we believe that kids who play are happier kids and we believe that play is a source of pleasure, development, creativity, and social interaction. The possibilities of play are endless and that’s why our vision is to encourage more kids to discover the magic of play while cementing our spot as the best loved, one stop shop for educational toys in Sri Lanka.


Safety:  As parents ourselves, safety is our prime concern. We provide toys and materials that are certified as safe for children.

Integrity:  Children are at the heart of what we do. They are our driving belief and they are at the core of who we. We have a passion for play, a commitment to responsible business, and a desire to meet the satisfaction of kids, parents, and teachers.

Innovation: We are constantly thinking out of the box and we strive to be proactive in being different, thereby offering unique products for our customers.

Creativity: Fun and creativity is the key driver of our work. Just as kids have fun experimenting with new things, we have fun choosing and testing the products we sell.

Passion: Passion for our work is what sets us apart and is the bedrock of our success. Our aim is to do better than yesterday and to keep moving forward.

Quality: Our focus is to provide quality educational toys that inspire kids to play, learn and, above all, have fun.

Customer Satisfaction: We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure customer satisfaction by providing useful product knowledge and excellent customer service.

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