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Showing all 16 results

Children Book Store

We all are aware of the saying “reading makes a full man”, which defines the value of the cognitive process. Indeed, studies show that kids with active exposure to reading have educational and psychological benefits over their peers. The more you expose them to books, the more they absorb. Give a head start to your child’s vocabulary with our children’s book collection encompassing colouring books, phonics, numeric, storybooks, and flashcards. Every book is designed to provide unique benefits that will influence your child’s brain development and linguistic ability. The vivid graphics and pictures of the books will pop up your child’s eyes with creativity, imagination and boost memory.

Our colouring books enhance your child’s colour recognition, colour handling competency, creativity and controlled colouring practices. Phonic books introduce the first letters of English alphabets by paving the first step toward dialectal proficiency. Numerical or number books introduce the numbers for upcoming mathematical activities. Flash cards can be used for efficient learning and better remembering. Storytelling books are perfect for teaching your child how to read and introduce new words. Using our kids book store, Kids can achieve their early learning literacy whereas parents can set abiding learning goals for their kids. Go through our children’s book range to make the best selection.

By reading and introducing different books, your child is constantly exposed to new words, shapes, pictures and colours every day. It helps them to learn sentence structure and new words which they have never heard before. Not only that, it increases concentration, fine motor skills, speech and often work as tongue twisters. Moreover, our personalized kids book store offers multiple collections that make great gifts. As you are aware, none of the compliments could replace the value of books. So, enlighten your child’s future by gifting a book or encourage collecting books and reading as a hobby.

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