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Montessori Cylinder Blocks – Coloured

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Montessori Cylinder Blocks – Coloured

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Cylinder Blocks Toddler Version

As a Montessori Material Supplier in Sri Lanka, we know that these Montessori Cylinder Blocks – Coloured range is a favourite among preschool teachers and children alike. Consisting of four wooden blocks with differently shaped cylinders in red, blue, green, and yellow, this coloured cylinder blocks set is best suited for children aged three and upwards.

As far as the educational benefits of this is concerned, it helps a child to visually differentiate size and get more familiar with shapes and colours as well. When children handle the tiny cylinders by its knobs, it also indirectly prepares them for writing and enhances fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. Moreover, it also prepares them for future work in mathematics through careful observation of differences in the cylinders, its volume, thickness, height and so on.

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