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Why Pretend Play Is Important

When we think of playtime, we often consider it to be time set aside for running around the playground or playing with toys. While it’s true that these are forms of play that are very important, it’s not the only forms of play. Children learn a lot through play. In fact, learning through play is now considered as an essential method of learning and development for children.

Pretend play, or imaginative play,

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Why chose educational toys for your child?

Kids, in their most playful years, can spend the whole day playing with their toys. While doing so, they unconsciously develop fundamental abilities. This form of learning through play is even better when they’re connected with educational toys.

From the day they are born, children are constantly learning. They learn through their senses, by observing others and playing. Many people think that toys are simply given to kids to keep them entertained but the truth is that toys,

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The importance of the formative years of childhood

The birth of a child heralds many new and beautiful beginnings. Every year of a child’s life is incredibly precious, especially for parents but as far as development is concerned, the first eight years are the most important. This is the period where a child becomes the person they are going to be in the future and it’s very important that they grow physically, intellectually and emotionally during these formative years. This is also where children learn through observation,

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