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Tips for Homeschooling

Tips for Homeschooling

COVID-19 has hit the world hard and with this pandemic dragging on for what seems like forever, we are forced to improvise and navigate through the situation. One particularly challenging aspect is school closures around the world which has compelled teachers and parents to home-schooling children.

As parents, it’s quite understandable that the pandemic has left us confused and worried about the education of our children. This is why we need to do everything in our power to engage kids at home with their education through homeschooling.

Why Pretend Play Is Important

Why Pretend Play Is Important

When we think of playtime, we often consider it to be time set aside for running around the playground or playing with toys. While it’s true that these are forms of play that are very important, it’s not the only forms of play. Children learn a lot through play. In fact, learning through play is now considered as an essential method of learning and development for children.

Pretend play, or imaginative play,

Why is child psychology so important to understand

Why is child psychology so important to understand

Getting to know your child as they grow and develop is one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent. Teaching your child new skills, learning how your child sees the world and mentoring them as they process new feelings and changes is all part of being a parent, but it’s not always easy.

As your child develops, they go through continuous progressive developmental stages – from birth into adulthood.



We are Edutoys, providing an extensive assortment of toys for kids. Our toys are a great addition for children around the world. Discover our toy selection by shopping with us.

A child’s first five years can cause an enormous impact on their brain development. Although a baby’s brain starts developing in mother’s womb, other parts of psychological and logical brain functions rapidly grow within the first five years of their life. With the current technology revolution, kids often tend to use digital devices which will lead to slow word learning and many other psychological complications. Hence, physicians are prescribing parents to let their children engage in regular activities including outdoor activities, puzzle solving, reading, arts and crafts. Indeed, this is why we came up with launching a kids toy store in Sri Lanka. Being a leading online toy shop in Sri Lanka, we sell an array of Kids educational materials and wooden toys within the country and across the globe.

Our developmental toys support your kids start emerging their cognitive development skills together with thinking, creativity, learning and memorizing abilities, while improving motor skills such as feeling, smelling and communication skills. Each child is unique and born with a different temperament. Some would respond to sounds while some prefer colourful moving objects. It only requires experimenting a little bit deeper to identify your child’s aspiration. With our wide-ranging Kids development toys, finding the best match wouldn’t be a daunting task. Puzzles, creative blocks, linking chains, rattles, building blocks are the best additions in our kids educational toys.

At present, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism has been a rising mental disorder among children. These conditions can be detected among the toddlers of 3 to 12 years with dissimilarities in their brain development and brain movement that impair attention, concentration, and self-control. By identifying these symptoms at an early stage, parents could carry out essential preventions before it could get worst. Inattentiveness, being impulsive and hyperactive are the other common signs to be considered. According to recent researches, occupational therapy has been recognized as an effective treatment method for children with special needs. Our occupational therapy toys are extensively useful to minimize kid’s mental health problems while improving physical, sensory and cognitive skills.

If you are looking for kids educational toys in Sri Lanka, then browse our products online or drop by our physical outlet. We have Kids toys to suit every child’s requirement.